Gina is obsessed with poop. Her main focus is on the bowels and the digestive system as a whole. It’s quite common for Gina to talk for hours about someone’s bowel movements before she even learns the other person’s name. For example, when I first met Gina, she didn’t ask me how I was doing or anything like that. Rather she excitedly proclaimed, “I’m going to be a colon hydrotherapist! I get to clean out people’s colons! Isn’t that awesome?!” That may not be exactly how our first encounter happened, but pretty close! Gina’s professional experience as an Herbalist and Colonhydrotherapist, along with her knowledge in reflexology, nutrition, essential oils and fitness, makes her just the person to talk to if you are suffering from digestive unwellness and overall ill health.

Mitch is passionate about nutrition and holistic health and loves sharing his knowledge with others. The holistic approach to nutrition involves not only physical health, but also spiritual and emotional health as well with all three realms affecting and complementing the other. Even after his Master’s in Holistic Nutrition, Mitch is no stranger to books as he continues his quest to learn. Don’t be surprised if you find him swimming laps, riding his bike or running up mountain trails as he loves combining the outdoors with exercise.  If you are feeling out of balance or generally unwell, or maybe looking to improve your functional fitness level, contact him to arrange a consultation.

April 24, 2016