Gina is obsessed with poop.

It’s quite common for Gina to talk for hours about someone’s bowel movements before she even learns the other person’s name. Gina’s experience as an Herbalist and Colonhydrotherapist, along with her learning in reflexology, nutrition, essential oils and fitness, makes her an awesome health and wellness coach!

Gina is incredibly kind and thoughtful. But watch out! She turns into commander at her group fitness classes. Gina also loves the outdoors, including exploring mountain trails, gardening or simply nesstling her feet into the dirt to connect with mother earth. 

Mitch is obsessed with his wife (and poop too).


Even after his Master’s in Holistic Nutrition, Mitch is no stranger to books as he continues his advanced learning as a Naturopathic Doctor. Mitch is familiar with various health and wellness modalities including reflexology, massage, herbalism, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, chiropractic and energy work.

Despite his love for learning, don’t be surprised if you see Mitch swimming laps, riding his bike, running up mountain trails, moving rocks or even at a kid’s playground as he loves combining exercise with the outdoors.  And in all of those events, it’s very likely you will see GIna ahead. She always leads the way!

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